Family Picture Perfect by The Balletcats






The Balletcats presents "Family Picture Perfect". A story about a happy and delightful conservative family with their own definition of perfection. Hardworking dad, dedicated housewife, and obedient children. Parents are loving their daughters too much, contradicted by the adolescent daughters who never understand the meaning of devotedness.

Featuring The Balletcats new season, a perfect gifts for every family members,"The Balletcats for Wise Kids" for less violent, and brainwashing educational product line for kids. Several lovely inventories for parents including novelty item and brand new tee cuttings, materials and signature artworks, charming as hell. These will bring the good ol' days family friendly apocalypse.


Directed & shot by: Jordan Marzuki
Camera Assistant: Shiela D. Zaman
Father: Jordan Marzuki
Mother: Fatriana Zukhra
Daughter no. 1: Marlia Maghribi Zaman
Daughter no. 2: Ayudia Amelia Putri
Special Thanks:
Berty Tasman
Shiela D. Zaman
Agra Satria
Kendra Ahimsa
Eva Winata
Mom & Dad



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