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Founded by Jordan Marzuki and Fatriana Zukhra. They are both stray cat adopters. The name The Balletcats was chosen as a project code name that came from one of his cat that had this unusual ballet pose every time he's asleep and Spandau Ballet. The portrayal of cats is cool and mysterious. If cats were humans–they would probably the most confusing person you'd ever meet. Besides, they have very beautiful looking features and shape that could be visualized at unlimited possibilities. It's quite hard back In the year where cats considered as just regular pets and hobby rather than a culture unlike nowadays popular culture that mostly associated with cats in the modern day media.

The Balletcats was born in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia–a place that surrounded by cat myths, such as: if you ran over at cat without burying them, your car would explode. The feline culture is very strong within Indonesian culture, as well it is part of the religious teachings to respect cats. Through this fashion, they intend to represent cats as the metaphor of other animal beings through The Balletcats. Animal cruelties and human behavior towards animals are the main issues of their visuals–with satirical humor, subtle violence and shock are expected to give a new perspective to the wider audience. They also focus on the putrid side of human's everyday life with black humor. The Balletcats is a feline-loving business and to build a humble cat loving personality to anyone from age one to one hundred, no boundaries and absolute.